Our Artificial Intelligence platform enables companies to enhance their pricing strategies

The Prescriptive Insights Difference

The digital revolution has enabled consumers to be become highly informed and sophisticated about price differences between brands and products. Our advanced Artificial Intelligence models enable companies to analyze up-to-date pricing movements of competitors and incorporate them in price optimization & marketing mix models. Our solution allows companies to exercise more pricing discipline by tracking pricing actions in the marketplace across thousands of products and integrate key data into pricing models that help answer three key questions:

  1. What are the emerging price trends in the marketplace ?
  2. What are customers willing to pay?
  3. Is the pricing policy optimized?

Our Platform Functionality

Competitive Price Reporting

Analyze and identify historical trends and provide visibility to current trends

Extract real time “online” price movements across key products

Create repository of online price movements across retailers

Generate insights on price comparisons (at a given time and over a period)

Identify impact of pricing changes on customer sentiment

Advanced visualizations that allow users to slice and dice the data

Price Optimization Modeling

Analyze and identify historical trends 

Develop & Integrate price elasticity and profit models (optimize the trade off between contribution and volume).

Incorporate customer sentiment into analysis

Predict future trends across new and existing product concepts, retailers, price zones etc. 

Generate insights, recommendations and what-if scenarios

Integrate pricing recommendations and assumptions into marketing mix

Execute dyamic pricing strategies more accurately and effectively

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