The digital revolution has enabled consumers to be become highly informed and sophisticated about price differences between suppliers. Our advanced Artificial Intelligence models enable companies to analyze up-to-date pricing movements of competitors and incorporate them in price optimization & marketing mix models. Our solution allows companies to exercise more pricing discipline by tracking pricing actions in the marketplace across thousands of products and integrate key data into pricing models that help answer three key questions:

  1. What are the emerging price trends in the marketplace ?
  2. What are customers willing to pay?
  3. Is the pricing policy optimized?

Platform functionality

Integrate data sources
Sophisticated data extraction process
All competitor e-commerce sites
Social Media, Blogs, forums, boards
Customer review sites
Synthesize conversations
Rapid analysis
Parse tone and context
Remove noise
Determine overall sentiment
Ongoing monitoring and calibration
Customized pricing analysis
Classify price movements by category, brand & SKU
Identify Customer reaction to price changes
Identify emerging trends
Understand segment differences
Our approach
Competitive price reporting

Analyze & Integrate Historical Trends (online & offline) and identify trends (online, offline and by segment)

Extract real time “online” price movements across major product concepts
Create repository of online price movement across retailers and competitors
Generate insights on price comparisons (at a given time and over a period). Identify impact of pricing changes on customer sentiment

Advanced visualizations that allow users to drill down

Price optimization modeling
Analyze & Integrate Historical Trends (online & offline) and identify trends (online, offline and by segment)
Develop & Integrate price elasticity & profit models (optimize the trade–off between contribution & volume)
Predict Future Trends across new and existing concepts, retailers, price zones etc. Incorporate customer sentiment into analysis
Generate insights, pricing recommendations & what-if-scenarios (by segments & pricing strategy – initial, established, promotional , mark down etc. )
Integrate pricing recommendations / assumptions into Marketing Mix Model
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