Unlock Brand Value By Mining Customer Conversations

Our unstructured data analysis platform is driven by sophisticated Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms

Analyzing internal transactional information is most of the time effective only for answering the “What“. Companies struggle to answer the “Why“. Customers interact with companies via millions of posts, emails, messages, chats and tweets. Most companies do not leverage this vast amount of data. We help companies analyze this data to answer the “Why“.

Platform Capabilities

We generate deep and granular insights by analyzing millions of pieces of unstructured data. Our insights help companies optimize customer experience, enhance sales and marketing strategies, proactively react to competition and understand emerging trends in the marketplace.


Extract and integrate data from structured (internal transactional data) and unstrctured (Review Sites, Social Media, Blogs, Forums, Customer Care etc.) data sources. 

Clean, consolidate and harmonize data

We are experts in bringing together data of varying formats and structures and transforming it into one integrated and cohesive dataset.

Broad, Deep & granular Insights

Product Review Ratings Analysis

Understand how consumers are rating the products. We extract data from a wide range of product review sites and generate ratings analysis. Proprietary brand and product mapping allows users to analyze ratings trends by category, sub category, segment, corporations, brand and product

Synthesize Conversations

Identify the themes and sentiment driving customer conversations. Our domain and client specific algorithms decode customer conversations and reviews into highly accurate actionable themes. Our taxonomies are braoad and  deep.

Analyze sentiment mix by themes

Identify variations in customer sentiment for the high priority themes. Understand reasons for the variances and take immediate actions.

Identify themes impacting positive and negative ratings

We have developed sophisticated quantititave models that identify the  high impacting themes that influence customers’  positive and negative ratings.

Intelligent word cloud

Unlike traditional frequency  based world cloud analysis which contain a lot of noise, we identify themes that drive positve, negative and neutral sentiment and ratings.

SWOT analysis

Conduct brand and product comparisons and identify strengths & weaknesses, risks and opportunities across key themes.

Sentiment trends

Analyze sentiment trends over time and identify emerging trends in key themes.

Early warning indicators

We generate signals to indicate emerging risks and opportinities and enable decision makers to take proactive actions.

Customer Profiles

Analyze product ratings  by customer profiles.

Social Media Buzz

Analyze Share of Voice and Share of Interactions for key products. Identify the impact of influencers on advertising campaigns.

Our rapid deployment methodology

Integrate data sources

Develop customized taxonomy

Personalize ML and DL models

Configure visualization portal

Generate Insights

Ongoing monitoring and calibration

Our Differentiation

We outperform other platforms in accuracy of insights, speed of delivery, scalability & customization

  • Extract data from a wide variety of sources
  • Remove noise from conversations
  • Identify sentiment behind conversations
  • Classify conversations to themes
  • Prioritization of themes
  • Link themes to operational KPIs
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Leading / Trailing themes vs. competition
  • Ratings and Sentiment drivers analysis

Best in class infrastructure

Cloud based platform

Minimal client IT involvement

Insights are delivered near real time

Dedicated data scientists and client engagement

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