Leverage our advanced analytics to assess brand health and competitive trends

Seamlessly execute on your operational strategies by transforming data into actionable insights

Our insights framework

Identify drivers of customer conversations – decode which products, benefits, claims, offers and messages are resonating with consumers vs. competition. Mine key consumer and influencer groups for insights regarding pathways to loyalty.

Customer Sentiment

Understand the sentiment behind brand and product conversations

Identify shifts in brand and product perception over time

Develop repository of historical customer sentiment on campiagns and promotions

Generate a 360º view of the customer

Customer Segmentation

Understand which customer groups are most vocal within a brand conversation

Analyze key themes by influencer groups

Integrate transactional, demographic & psychographic data to generate a detailed  profile of the different customer segments

Opportunity Assessment

Identify brands that are winning in share of voice and share of interactions

Generate brand visibility scores vs. competition

Develop strategies to increase retention and growth

Market Trends

Analyze seasonal trends. Identify emerging trends. Benchmark against competition

Develop models driven by machine learning algorithms to generate short term, medium term and long term sales forecasts


Gain a competitive edge by understanding the needs of your customers

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