The digital revolution has allowed patients to provide timely feedback about their interactions with the health care system (health plans, doctors / nurses / staff in hospitals, physician practices and other health care facilities). Our platform enables health care organizations to mine this rich data, generate insights that identify the major, intermediate and granular themes that impact patient experience and develop a road map to enhance service delivery & employee engagement and improve patient outcomes.

Synthesize patient conversations to understand drivers of satisfaction

Generate deep insights to accurately identify sentiment trends and the drivers of changes in sentiment across a wide range of areas - Doctor care, Staff care, Facilities, Claims & Payments, etc.

Understand total view of operations, prioritize areas of focus and optimize workplace efficiencies

Questions we help health care organizations answer

What are the drivers of patient satisfaction?

What is driving changes in sentiment?
How to personalize patient experience ?

Are staff & doctors engaged?

How do we compare to competition?
How can we link patient feedback to operational strategies?

Platform functionality

Integrate data sources
Sophisticated data extraction process
Patient surveys
Social Media, Blogs, forums, boards
Call center, Tracker studies
Synthesize conversations
Rapid analysis
Parse tone and context
Remove noise
Determine overall sentiment
Ongoing monitoring and calibration
Create custom taxonomy
Classify conversations by topics
Identify drivers of operational excellence
Identify emerging trends
Understand segment differences
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