Our analytics helps direct selling companies institutionalize data driven decision making

Our Analytical Framework

Analysis & Insights

Identify drivers of salesforce recruitment, retention and productivity


Are tactics and strategies congruent with insights? Analyze impact of actions taken. Calibrate, continuously monitor and optimize strategies


Deliver insights via integrated intelligent dashboards 

A sophisticated way to analyze operations

We integrate insights from structured and unstructured data and breakdown the sales & marketing processes into its core components, identify drivers of salesforce and customer behavior and help companies optimize their operational strategies

Our areas of focus

Optimize Acquisition

Develop market and customer segmentation profiles

Identify market opportunities to acquire new sales leaders and customers

Increase leads conversion

Optimize Onboarding

Develop personalized action steps for new sales leaders

Identify and leverage key drivers of performance for the first 90 days. 

Increase Productivity

Match sales and marketing strategies to sales leaders and customer segments and profiles

Optimize sales leaders compensation plan

Increase Retention

Generate early warning indicators of churn

Identify barriers to sales leaders participation 

Our eight key pillars of expertise

Questions we help companies answer

Who are the most “valuable” Consultants? What are the underlying drivers of Consultant behavior? What is their Lifetime Value?

What is the life cycle of a Consultant ? What are the drivers that propel a Consultant from New to Performer and the type of performance they will probably yield?

What are the positive and negative drivers of Sales and Marketing ? What are the linkages between these drivers and Recruitment, Retention and Productivity of Consultants and Customers.

Execute operational strategies more accurately and effectively

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