Our Artificial Intelligence platform enables companies to significantly enhance their customer service effectiveness by:
1. Synthesizing all incoming and outgoing communications into meaningful themes
2. Understanding drivers of customer experience and identifying areas of risks and opportunities
3. Quantifying impact of problem resolution

Our capabilities

Identify customer pain points
Process all incoming & outgoing communications and identify major, intermediate and granular themes driving reasons for contacts. Link themes to operational areas and quantify impact of sentiment & problem resolution to Revenue and expense. Identify emerging trends & pain points across the customer journey
Analyze problem resolution
Identify gaps in knowledge, training and coaching. Assess agent performance across all key areas of customer interaction and identify opportunities of first contact resolution. Generate recommendations to feed into knowledge management systems to increase agent effectiveness

Platform functionality

Integrate data sources
Sophisticated data extraction process
Email, Chats, Voice to Text
Blogs, forums, boards
Synthesize conversations
Rapid analysis
Parse tone and context
Remove noise
Determine overall sentiment
Create custom taxonomy
Classify conversations by topics
Identify customer pain points
Identify emerging trends
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