Predict audience value for your social media campaigns

It is very easy to obtain metrics on campaigns executed on different social networks –  Impressions, Reach, Clicks, Likes, Shares, Views, Mentions, Tweets, Retweets, etc. All these metrics can be classified into the broad categories of Customer Awareness & Customer Engagement. But how does one translate this into ROI and in turn actionable insights.

To solve this problem, Prescriptive Insights has developed  Audience Value, a composite metric that incorporates all the awareness and engagement measures and scores the marketing effectiveness of a social campaign. As part of generating Audience Value we also identify the following:

How are the social communities segmented?

What are the profiles and attributes of these social segments ?

What is the sentiment affinity towards the campaign ?

Who are the influencers in these segments ?

What is the impact of the campaign on sales ?

And many more……..

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