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Customer Experience: Mine social media, surveys and reviews to extract granular and actionable insights for an innovative B2C marketplace and identify gaps in customer service, marketing communications and customer loyalty programs.

Price Intelligence: Extract real time price movements of 1000+ SKUs for key competitors.

Direct Selling Salesforce Segmentation:
Implement a segmentation model to help optimize acquisition, retention and productivity strategies.

Demand In Advance:
Improve new product estimates and reduce losses from ‘Out of Stock’.

Media Campaign Measurement:
Measure impact of TV & Digital campaigns using a Test and Control measurement approach.

Brand Tracking:
Develop KPIs for Brands. Analyze equity and consumption funnels.

Pricing Strategy:
Analyze pricing strategies and develop optimization models.

Customer Loyalty:
Identity drivers of customer loyalty. Analyze impact of key touch points on customer loyalty.

Drivers of brand conversations: Understand the sentiment behind category and brand conversations and the positive / negative drivers of major themes impacting brand loyalty, product loyalty, impact of competition etc.

Service Agent Effectiveness: Analyze drivers of first contact resolution. Identify gaps in agent training and coaching. Identify customer queries that indicate signs of upsell / cross sell opportunities. 

Direct Selling Sources of Sales: Identify drivers of  Acquisition, Retention, Activity and Average Order Size. Generate revenue contribution of these categories.

Sales Forecasting By Segments:
Develop sales forecasts by prioritized segments. Incorporate internal and external data into the forecasting model.

Measure Social Media Campaigns:
Understand reach and effectiveness of social media messaging.

Path to Purchase:
Develop attribution analysis to understand the impact and ROI of each customer touchpoint.

Sales Goal Setting:
Develop a simulation model to understand impact of stretch goals on operations. 

Marketing Mix:
Develop models to identify optimal spend, mix and ROI of marketing investment.

Market Dynamics: Analyze seasonality trends. Identify emerging trends. Benchmark against competition. 

Customer Satisfaction: Mined 100K open ended surveys and identified drivers of customer satisfaction. Identified overlapping themes.

Field Management Platform:
Implemented a Rules Engine to generate early warning indicators and action steps for field sales force. 

Generate Lifetime Value of Sales Representatives:
Understand future sales potential of new and existing sales representatives. 

First 90 Days:
Identify key drivers and behaviors of customers within the first 90 days.

Market Opportunity Analysis:
Identify future sales potential by block group level across the US.

Intelligent Dashboards:
Integrate analytical models into BI dashboards to generate real time forecasts.

Social Media Marketing Optimization:
Create audience value to measure messaging effectiveness across all social properties.

Supply Chain  Network Optimization:
Develop models to identify opportunities in costs, service and sustainability.

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